Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Ever had one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that” moments?  I sure did at a recent Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers conference.

It’s not that I wished I’d invented the Etch a Sketch or the electric bread slicer and eventually ended up on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. It’s that this invention is a really cool idea.

It’s called the Hooker Deer Drag. I could make one quite easily from a length of cold-rolled steel or a half-inch re-rod, but I didn’t think of it. My home made versions probably wouldn’t come with a cushy handle grip, either. That’s part of the $49.99 you pay for a pair of the HDDs.

Here’s the deal. The fun part of deer hunting is getting ready. The exciting part is spotting a deer and hoping it comes within range. The challenging part is making the shot. The drudgery part is dragging 150 pounds of dead weight out of the woods. Even where I live here in the Flatlands of Indiana you always have to drag dead deer uphill.

I’ve shot big deer. I’ve shot little deer. When you shoot a little deer there’s always a bunch of people driving by, stopping to help or showing up out of nowhere to ridicule you for shooting a little deer. When you shoot a big deer you are the last man on Earth. Great! You shot a big deer. Now load that dead weight into the back of your truck ala lonesome - after dragging it uphill, 14 miles, through the brush, snow and chisel plowed fields.

The HDD would make the job simpler. Look at the photo and you can see in your mind how it works. Go to www.Hookerdeerdrag.com and see more photos. Order one. Or if you have five feet of cold rolled steel, an acetylene torch and welder handy make a pair for yourself. Cushy hand-hold is optional.

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