Wednesday, November 16, 2011


 I never thought my rural Indiana upbringing was setting a trend which would become a lifestyle to which America's usual trendsetters on the East and West Coasts would aspire!

It's called shopping "local" and eating organicly grown foods. I grew up with a family garden and have maintained a garden every year since. Home-grown tomatoes, fresh green beans.....

              Jars of venison ready to can and 1 1/2 Pound piles of Bambi-burger ready to package.

As a hunter of wild game, the meat brought home has always been a staple in     our family, as well. "Rabbit again?" my kids would say.  "Why can't we eat normal food like everyone else?" Now when they come home they look forward to some of my local harvest - duck, pheasant, rabbit or venison.

I spent the day butchering deer harvested opening weekend of Indiana's deer season. I cut plenty of "chops" - the venison version of filet mignon, other steaks and I made plenty of hamburger. We use it in any number of recipes calling for ground beef.

I "canned" 20 pints of venison in Mason jars. I've not tried this before, but anticipate using the "deer-in-a-jar" to make chili, tacos, stroganoff and other recipes. It's all local, it's all organic and best of all, it's good eats! 

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