Friday, November 11, 2011


Are you a wooly worm believer?  Some people claim the catapilar of the Tiger Moth (Phyrrarctia isabella) is one of nature's weather predictors. If the woolies are more brown than black, it portends an easy winter. If the fur on the catapillars are predominently black, stock up on firewood!
If the wooly worms don't know, who does?

Dr. C.H. Curran, curator of insects at the New York Museum of Natural History tested the theory about 50 years ago and declared the wooly worms were accurate 80 percent of the time. Countless other researchers have been unable to duplicate his research, but if wooly worm researchers are anything like Climate Change researchers, results tend to be more in line with the ideology of the research sponsors than true science. Perhaps there's just no money involved in the allowing wooly worms to predict the weather.  

The wooly worms were out on one of our recent Indian Summer days and I noticed they were about as consistent as two politicians debating Global Warming. Notice the worm on the left is predicting an average winter while the one on the right is in the Global Warming camp. 

Worms or not, there's frost on the dead tomato vines in the garden and the snow was flying yesterday afternoon. I'm predicting there will be another winter this year

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