Sunday, November 6, 2011


Tom takes stock photos while leaning on the Equinox
Tom and I had an interesting day on the trapline yesterday and it was productive for both of us. We were both able to add to our photo library, Tom got plenty of information for articles in the publications for which he writes and there was no sign of the outdoor writer's curse.  

On the second property I had traps set, the farmer had just finished harvesting his corn a couple days ago - allowing access to a ditch crossing  a half mile off SR 55. This was the 2nd morning I'd checked the traps set there. Bingo!  Coyote #1 was waiting.
With good sun, we made full use of this location for a photo shoot.

The next farm showed no sign of activity but at the next location another coyote had found my trap. Tom took more photos as I reset my trap.  

On Friday afternoon, since I knew Tom was coming, I set a couple places a few miles to the west which were new territory for this season. As we approached the last spot on the last farm, I told Tom it looked like we were through because if there was a coyote there, we'd probably see it by now. Just as I finished those words, up it jumped where it had been sleeping.  The Equinox is so quiet we were only about 25 yards away before it woke up. 

Success!  More stories on the loaner Chevy, soon. 

No Writers Curse for us this time!

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