Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weather Wars

It's that time of year again when Summer and Winter start warring. One day it's warm and sunny, the next day is cold and wet--somedays that occurs just a few hours apart as the opposing seasons duke it out around us. Being a trapper means you never get the day off. Each set trap has to be tended, rain, shine, wind or whatever side of the battle you are on. In the last week I've been in a tee shirt and slickered up in a Gore-Tex shell against the wind driven rain.
These photos were taken of two coyotes caught in the same spot on back to back days. Note the shirt sleeves, then the hoody.

One could say it's part of the fun, but that's more apt to come on a sunny, warm day. One could also say it's part of the challenge, but that would likely come on a wet, miserable day. The reality is it's the way of the world and being out in it gives one more appreciation for it - as well as more appreciation for the warmth of home. 

I've been seeing more deer lately. Perhaps it's the harvest, mowing down the tall corn. Perhaps it's the onset of the breeding season, making the deer feel more frisky during the daylight hours. Another sign of the changing seasons.

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