Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It's been a busy week. I started my coyote trap line on opening day, October 15 and after a week, I'm at my minimum goal which is to catch one or two coyotes each day. There was one day and night of 50 mile per hour winds and one day of constant rain. Neither condition is conducive to a successful line. Still, with one day of zero and another with 2 catches, I'm progressing. Farm harvest is significantly behind and is presenting plenty of problems. Most notable are the "great" places to set traps which have unharvested corn or soybeans. The other thing are formerly "great" spots which have gone dead, presumably because of their proximity to standing crops.
The above photo is the coyote I caught today in a trap I set just yesterday.  I'll be extending my line to new areas in the next few days to see what they may bring.

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