Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Bucks, boars and bears - and after opening day of deer season, I can add, “Oh my!” as well in a take off on the line from the classic movie, Wizard of Oz.  No bears or boars in this essay, but bucks and does aplenty thanks to the “Wizards of Slugs” at Lightfield Ammunition.

  Full disclosure up front is warranted. I have three brothers who are avid deer hunters. One is avid in the sense he hunts every weekend of the gun season and maybe sneaks in a “sick day or two” depending.... The other two put “avid” to shame, being three season hunters, (bow, gun and muzzleloader) and are as apt to be out on a Tuesday or Wednesday as on a weekend.

  More full disclosure, my brothers have produced a bevy of nephews and there’s a couple more (courtesy of a sister) coming up through the ranks who fit the term “avid deer hunter” as well. Put it this way. When gun season opens, I’m sure observation satellites overhead key in on the amount of hunter orange around my house and Brother Russ’s where the harvest is turned into freezer-venison.

  More full disclosure, Brian Smith, Director of Sales at Lightfield Ammunition is a long-time friend and he knows the Schoonveld hunters are numerous, efficient and shoot lots of ammo each year, keeping their guns on target and using their guns regularly in the field. It helps that I am a freelance outdoor writer and blogger. Nothing stirs the marketing heart in Brian more than seeing mention of Lightfield slugs in print or on-line.

  Last September at a writers conference Brian asked, “Have you guys been using any of Lightfield’s Bucks, Boars and Bear slugs?”  The short end of this story is he slipped us a healthy sample supply. The answer to the same question now would be, “Sure are!”

  On paper, pre-season, only slight adjustments were needed to our scope mounted shotguns to get them sighted for the BB&B slugs. (We’d been shooting Lightfield Hybrid Lites for the last few years.)  Now, with opening weekend behind us, we can attest the BB&B slugs, introduced in 2015, are great on bucks (and does), and none of the shooters had any doubt they’d easily do the whack and stack on boars or bears where they are found and legal to hunt.

  In Newton County the limit is one buck and three does per person. One brother and few nephews still have their buck tags. None have all their doe tags still available. No deer have been lost and most dropped dead where they stood.

Nephew, Daniel Schoonveld, scored this 10-pointer opening day.
  Look for Lightfield BB&B at Cabela’s, Bass Pro and many independent stores or buy them on-line at

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