Friday, October 4, 2013


Food Network star, Alton Brown likes tools that are multi-taskers. So do I.

Krissie Mason shows off her 4 in 1
And who knew Zippo, yep, the company that makes Zippo lighters, was into making multitasking tools - or any tools, for that matter? I wasn’t even sure Zippo was still in business, thinking perhaps Bic, the ball point pen and disposable butane lighter company, had bankrupted them.

At a recent meeting of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers, I learned my lesson. Yes, Zippo is still in business and still making their famous wind proof lighters.  They also make hand warmers, fire starters, a variety of other products including a perfectly multitasking tool every deer, turkey or waterfowl hunter might just want to get.

It’s bow saw that doubles as a hatchet, or is it a hatchet that doubles as a bow saw?  Either way, if you are in need of a tool to clear some shooting lanes, construct a blind or perhaps to gather some wood for a camp fire, this is it! It’s neat, compact. They call it the 4 in 1 Woodsman. I had to look up the fourth task after chopping, sawing and pounding tent pegs. Evidently it’s good at pulling tent pegs, as well.

The 4 in 1 retails for around $80 so that’s only twenty bucks per task.  

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